Rural Parcel Delivery

Choose our parcel delivery and pick-up service to every rural address, nationwide.

Parcel Delivery FAQ's

Who can lodge a POD?
We only accept POD (proof of delivery) requests from a partner urban courier company. This is because they are the only people who know what ticket numbers have been used.

Who can arrange a parcel pick up?
We only accept parcel pickup requests from an partner urban courier company because we have arrangements with them to link back into their network.

Can I track my parcel online?
Unfortunately we do not have electronic track and trace. All queries are followed up by phone and email.

How much does it cost for a rural delivery?
It depends on the weight and size of the parcel. The partner urban courier companies set their own prices to their customers.

What is the delivery standard for rural deliveries?
All parcels are delivered the day following receipt at one of our collection points. Small parcels may be left in letterboxes with larger parcels delivered to the house if no more than 500 metres from the letterbox and with no gates. Otherwise a card to call will be left in the letterbox for the receiver to arrange pickup from the rural delivery contractor.

What are size/weight limits on parcels?
Our document ticket covers small parcels up to 2kg and must be no more than C4 envelope size. Larger parcels have a weight limit up to 16kg or 0.075 cu m. heavier and/or larger parcels require additional tickets.

Can I get a signature from the receiver?
Yes – however there is an additional cost for the use of our yellow Signature ticket.

Can I get information on drop off addresses?
Partner urban courier companies may ask for a logon and password to allow access to our online drop off address information.

How soon must I lodge a POD or claim?
All PODs must be lodged within 10 days of receipt at a partner urban courier company. All claims must be lodged within a further 10 days of POD lodgement.

How long before a get a response to my POD?
Typically we will respond within 24 hours.

What happens if an item is lost or damaged?
Following an initial POD, a claim may be lodged by contacting one of our customer service representatives on 0800 731 299, Claims will only be accepted from a partner urban courier company.

Can I arrange a parcel pick up from a rural address?
Yes – contact one of our customer service representatives on 0800 731 299 or

Do you deliver dangerous goods?
Yes – as long as the goods and quantities comply with the relevant legislation covering dangerous goods in limited quantities. Refer further to Land Transport website or our page setting out our policy.

How long does a rural delivery normally take?
All parcels are generally delivered the business day following receipt at one of our collection points. Effectively this usually adds one day to normal delivery expectations.

Can I get a poster showing ticket types and weight and size limits?
Yes – use our freephone 0800 731 299 or email

Are there limits on the sizes of parcels that can be delivered?
Because the size of vans used by rural delivery contractors varies, and there will be other product being carried there is no universal limit. Each contractor will make their own decision but , for example, anything longer than 1.5 metres is likely to be refused.