Rural Letterbox Marketing

Get your message in front of 570,000 people throughout rural New Zealand.

Letterbox Marketing FAQ's

How many people can I reach?
This is entirely up to you – from all rural boxholders nationwide (200,000) to as few as you like.

How successful can I expect my letterbox marketing to be?
We have comments from a wide range of satisfied customers that their flyers have hit their target market.

How much does it cost?
All job prices are based on weight of flyer and whether it is targeted to a selected boxholder type. Please contact us to find out more (

Can I select certain areas or RDs?
Yes – we can be very flexible in accommodating your needs in terms of coverage from national to regional to specific RDs.

Can I select specific rural boxholder types?
Yes – in addition to all rural boxholders in your selected coverage area, you can nominate farmer only, lifestyle only, dairy only, sheep only, beef only, sheep/beef, dairy beef and horticulture.

How do I find out how many flyers (circulars) are required for my coverage?
If you send us an enquiry ( we can send you back a report detailing boxholder numbers.

How long does it take to have something delivered?
From date of receipt into one of our depots to delivery into letterboxes is typically 4 days. Although weekends and public holidays can lengthen this slightly.

How can I find out what postcodes or RDs I need to specify?
The best source of information is the NZ Post website ‐ Address and Postcode Finder.

Do you cover the whole of New Zealand?

How many should I tell my printer to put in each bundle?
This depends on size of flyer but typically 100 or 200 works for us. We will accept other multiples.

Where do I send the flyers to once they are printed?
Please refer to our depot address details on the Contact Us page.

What are the definitions of “total boxholders”, “farmer”, “lifestyle” or “dairy farm”?
Total boxholders is every mailbox outside an urban area. When the principal activity on a property is a commercial farm then they will receive “farmer” direct marketing material. By exclusion, any rural property not a farm will be considered “lifestyle”. Within the category of “farmer” we have “dairy”, “sheep”, “beef”, etc. and this is determined by the principle farming activity as assessed by our rural delivery contractor. “Dairy” will include owners, managers, employees and sharemilkers.

Does my flyer need to be folded or flow wrapped?
There is usually no need for it to be folded or flow wrapped, although we would like to know in advance of any flow wrapped product.